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When analyzing vibration and noise phenomena, examining the rotational frequency or order can be useful in determining conditions related to the natural frequency of structural parts and components.
This system uses the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02 series unit to handle rotation data (from the TACHO input) and sound/vibration data recorded simultaneously. This allows offline analysis of the rotation order ratio of the object.
Available display formats include contour mapping, Campbell diagram, waterfall plot, rpm-level display and more.
The recorded sound and vibration waveform data can be converted into WAVE files and be reproduced as actual sound.

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
SA-02 Series Multi-channel signal analyzers
CAT-SA02-Order Tracking Analysis Software
PV-90T / PV-91C/ PV-91CH / PV-97I Accelerometer with built-in amplifer
VP-51 Series Low noise code
VP-52C BNC adapter
EC-90 Series Microphone extension cables
Revolution counter / Rotation sensor