• Example 1

This system is designed for sound-based pass/fail evaluation at production lines with high noise levels. The system includes surface intensity sensors (combination of microphone and accelerometer) and the multi-channel signal analyzer SA-02.
Because soundproof equipment (such as an anechoic chamber or anechoic box) is not required, an effective line inspection setup can be configured at low cost.
Surface intensity refers to the acoustic intensity in close proximity to a sound emitting surface.
Because the value is determined from the sound particle velocity, the measurement is largely unaffected by background noise.
Pass/fail evaluation is based on the frequency spectrum graph, using a specified range where the difference between conforming and nonconforming products is apparent.

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
SA-02A4 4-Channel Signal Analyzer
CAT-SA02-CMP03 Surface Intensity Evaluation System
XV-1D Surface intensity sensor
EC-90 Series Microphone extension cables