• Example 1

● Versatile data processing
Digital filtering, moving average processing, differential processing, integral processing and various other operations can be performed by simple mouse operation, and results are displayed immediately.

● FFT processing
Any part of the waveform can be specified for FFT processing, and results are displayed immediately.

● Arithmetic processing
Freely specified arithmetic expressions (four arithmetic operations, trigonometric functions etc.) can be used.

● Overlay display
Simply by using drag & drop on channel names, waveforms can be easily overlaid on screen.

● Saving processed data
Processed data can be saved in CSV format or WAVE format, which facilitates secondary processing and allows playback as sound.

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
Multi-channel signal analyzers SA-02 Series / 4-channel Data Recorder DA-21
CAT-SA32 Waveform Data Manipulation Software Computer