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The calibration exciter VE-10 allows on-site calibration of accelerometers or vibration meters.
The compact and lightweight unit operates on one IEC LR6 (size AA) alkaline battery, enabling continuous operation of at least 10 hours.
The accelerometer is mounted to the exciter, and the measurement values for acceleration, velocity, and displacement are read on the vibration meter, thereby allowing calibration of accelerometer and vibration meter.
Major features are as follows.

Exciter frequency: 159.2 Hz
Acceleration: 10 m/s<2> RMS
Velocity: 10 mm/s RMS
Displacement: 10 µm RMS
Supported accelerometer weight: max. 70 g
Operation modes: (1)Auto stop of excitation after about 1 minute (2) Continuous excitation

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
VE-10 Calibration Exciter