• Example 1

Among the pair of reverberation rooms, one is used as source room and one as receiving room.
Place the loudspeaker and microphone in the source room, and place a microphone in the receiving room, and connect them to the SA-02M.
The airborne and floor impact sound insulation measurement software AS-20PC5 running on a computer is used to control the measurement.
First, measure the background noise and reverberation time.
Activate sound output from the loudspeaker in the source room, and start measurement with the AS-20PC5. The measurement will then be repeated automatically for the preset number of times. The reverberation time and the sound pressure level in each reverberation room at octave bands and 1/3 octave bands can be measured.
Instead of the whole measurement sequence, it is also possible to repeat only measurements for a specific instance. Then calculate the sound reduction index (SRI).

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
SA-02M Multi-Channel Signal Analyzer
SA-02SG Signal Output Unit
AS-20PE5 Airborne Noise / Floor Impact Noise Insulation Measurement Software
Power amplifier
EC-04 Series Microphone extension cables
Microphone stand