• Example 1

The seat accelerometer (triaxial) PV-62 and the 3-channel preamplifier VP-80 are connected to the 3-axis vibration meter VM-54. The whole body vibration card VX-54WB employs the Wk, Wd, Wb, Wc, Wj, Wm, Wg frequency weighting characteristics as specified by ISO 2631-1. The 3-axis vibration meter VM-54 also allows FFT analysis which is realized by adding the FFT analysis card VX-54FT. The meter is equipped with a 3-axis AC output, enabling connection to a data recorder or analyzer.

Supported Technical Standard / Law / Regulation
●ISO 8041:2005 Human response to vibration -- Measuring instrumentation
●ISO 2631-1:1997 Mechanical vibration and shock -- Evaluation of human exposure to whole-body vibration -- Part 1: General requirements

Product List

Model Product Name Remarks
PV-62 3-Axis Seat Accelerometer
VM-54 3-Axis Vibration Meter
VX-54WB1 Whole Body Vibration Card